The Harkavy
& Berg Funds

The Harkavy/Berg Committee was established in 2005 by Max Harkavy as his Bar Mitzvah project in memory of his Grandfather, Frank Harkavy, Cedar Village’s first board chair. The fund became endowed in 2019 by a major gift from Gerald J. Robinson, the first Chair of the Harkavy/Berg Committee. The Harkavy Fund provides wonderful classes and entertainment for the residents of Majestic Care at Cedar Village and their families. This includes group/individual art and music programs provided by an art and music therapist, exercise classes, jewelry making classes, and more. 

The Berg Fund was established by a bequest in 2005 from the Henry Berg Family. The Berg Fund provides the residents of Majestic Care at Cedar Village with opportunities to visit museums, symphonies, ballets, operas, theater, concerts, lectures and special events in the community. It also provides for transportation to these venues and extra staff to assist residents who participate in these outings. 

Harkavy/Berg Committee

Josh Harkavy, Chair
Jan Frankel
Missy Greenberg
Lesha Greengus
Patti Heldman
Sally Korkin
Elliott Polsky
Pete Robinson
Rachel Schild
Susan Shorr
Jeffrey Zipkin, M.D.